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Sydney - A Baby Dromedary Camel Rescue Story

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Sidney As A Sick Baby CamelSydney, the white dromedary camel, was so sick when he arrived at our farm, that his soft baby hair (fiber) on the back of his legs was burned off by the acid in his diarrhea. He was born at a roadside petting zoo in South Carolina. The owners did not want a baby and did not realize that by not gelding the father, this would happen.


I have nothing good to say about these people who exploit these animals for their own financial gain and at the same time not willing to pay the price for quality feed. Sydney was being fed 3 pints per day of cows milk when in fact what he needed was around 16 pints of sheep's milk.


Sidney As A Sick Baby CamelHe was around 18 days old when we received him and weighed 118 lbs. He also was full of many parasites and cocidia. He was treated for both and bottle fed for around 8 months. We slowly introduced him to llama grain pellets and second cut orchard grass with no weeds or stems.


He started packing on weight fast and over the course of 3 years weighed around 1400 lbs! He is extremely gentle and loving, however he kind of stays back and follows the other camels when they make their daily 5 camel train to the upper pasture up by our house.


Sidney As A Sick Baby CamelHe is usually camel number 5. When Sydney was about 3 1/2 he developed tumors on his lower lip. Our vet looked and recommended we take him to Ohio State University. We promptly called Anita Varga at OSU and made an appointment to have them surgically removed. Loading Sydney on a trailer is not an easy task!! Anita and her staff were great.


Not only did they take great care of our beloved gentle giant Sydney, but they thanked us for what we were doing for camels! Hearing that come from them meant so much to us because we respect Anita Varga and OSU so much.


Thanks Anita!! (and we still have that cool soap made from camel's milk that you gave us!!) Getting Sydney back on the trailer for the three hour ride back home was easy. He literally ran up on, anxious to get back to his pals.


Whenever we separate any of our camels from each other they all cry a very sad cry and pace constantly until reunited. They are a true herd animal and should never be without companionship.


Karrin Campf

President and Sanctuary Director

Karrin's love of animals blossomed at an early age bringing any animal home that she could sneak past her parent's watchful eyes. Cats, kittens, bunnies...lead to dogs and now camels and elk. It was her good luck when she met Rob who had an equal passion for all animals, especially the "underdogs". The two of them have proudly stood side by side for a quarter of a century...dedicated to the animals that mean so much.

Together they have adopted three children from other parts of the world and have enjoyed teaching their children about animals and educating them about their proper care.

Website: www.foreversafefarm.org
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