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Extra Special Animals

Extra Special Animals (3)

Although every animal at Forever Safe Farm is special to us, there are those occasional few that have really touch our hearts in special ways. We created this section of the site to share those stories with you.

Parker - The Blind Great DaneSocial media is alive and well. We are all in constant contact these days. This has brought Parker to his forever home. On a typical morning I recently settled at my desk, fresh cup of coffee in hand, and worked my way through my email Inbox and moved onto Facebook for daily updates. This brought me to the first posting I saw as the page opened and that was Parker. Sometimes you just know, somehow I just knew that Parker belongs at Forever Safe Farm.

Parker had a great home with a loving family that had him since he was six weeks old. He was born blind ...

Rob and Zimmy Our ZebraAs the days turned to weeks and the weeks to months Zimbabwe has imprinted himself on our hearts as simply… Zimmy.  Like most animals, Zimmy the zebra has made his choice of humans.  His choice is Rob…far and away, his love goes to Rob.  Each day Rob makes his way to the barn for Zimmy’s “zebra workout” Zimmy is more interested in the lesson.  The halter comes into his field of vision and he shows a little resistance but the next day less resistance and soon he comes freely to Rob with his head ready to be submitted to halter.  Now he accepts it freely, and even invites Rob to the zebra daily lesson.

Our Baby Zebra - ZimbabweIt is with great pleasure that we introduce Zimbabwe, better known as Zimmy. This special little zebra found his way to Forever Safe Farm by way of a zebra breeding program that would have preferred a female baby. Male zebras tend to dominate their harem of lady zebras with little tolerance of other males…including their male offspring. It would have been a matter of time before Zimmy would be hurt due to the efforts of his father to cast him out of the herd. It is our job to make him feel welcome and content…a job we take very seriously here at FSF.


His name tells a story of a forgotten land that has witnessed the decimation of the zebra and other wildlife population. Economic woes as well as poaching and hunting for fun have dwindled the number of zebras in his ancestral land. If not by poaching the massive deforestation of this land would have diminished the number of zebras over time. It is with honor that we will care for him. Upon his arrival we had visions of a sweet loving little baby zebra but Zimmy had other ideas...

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    Forever Safe Farm Animal Education Center, Inc. becomes a USDA Licensed animal refuge 02 June, 2010

    Forever Safe Farm Animal Education Center, Inc. becomes a USDA Licensed animal refuge more

    Forever Safe Farm Animal Education Center, Inc. becomes a 501(c)(3) Certified <em>Not-for-Profit</em> organization 16 November, 2010

    Forever Safe Farm Animal Education Center, Inc. becomes a 501(c)(3) Certified Not-for-Profit organization more

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    25 October, 2009

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