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Farm Stories

Farm Stories (10)

A little background information on some of the animals at the Forever Safe Farm.

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Exotic & Domestic Animal Rescue Stories

Exotic & Domestic Animal Rescue Stories (6)

Information to educate the public on the dangers of purchasing exotic animals as pets and resources to help find homes for domestic pets without hope.

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Extra Special Animals

Extra Special Animals (3)

Although every animal at Forever Safe Farm is special to us, there are those occasional few that have really touch our hearts in special ways. We created this section of the site to share those stories with you.

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Sidney As A Sick Baby CamelSydney, the white dromedary camel, was so sick when he arrived at our farm, that his soft baby hair (fiber) on the back of his legs was burned off by the acid in his diarrhea. He was born at a roadside petting zoo in South Carolina. The owners did not want a baby and did not realize that by not gelding the father, this would happen.


I have nothing good to say about these people who exploit these animals for their own financial gain and at the same time not willing to pay the price for quality feed. Sydney was being fed 3 pints per day of cows milk when in fact what he needed was around 16 pints of sheep's milk.

Horse tumor before surgeryToby came to us by way of a kind hearted neighbor of this paint quarter horse. The man who spotted this horse with a huge sarcoidosis  tumor on his neck did not have the financial means to treat this cancer and the man who possessed it did not care. The animal loving neighbor gave this poor excuse of a man $200 to take the horse so he could find help for it.


He quickly loaded up the horse and brought him to our farm at 9:30 pm, on a Sunday night, with the horse dripping blood at an unbelievable life threatening rate ...

Rob and Zimmy Our ZebraAs the days turned to weeks and the weeks to months Zimbabwe has imprinted himself on our hearts as simply… Zimmy.  Like most animals, Zimmy the zebra has made his choice of humans.  His choice is Rob…far and away, his love goes to Rob.  Each day Rob makes his way to the barn for Zimmy’s “zebra workout” Zimmy is more interested in the lesson.  The halter comes into his field of vision and he shows a little resistance but the next day less resistance and soon he comes freely to Rob with his head ready to be submitted to halter.  Now he accepts it freely, and even invites Rob to the zebra daily lesson.

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    Forever Safe Farm Animal Education Center, Inc. becomes a USDA Licensed animal refuge 02 June, 2010

    Forever Safe Farm Animal Education Center, Inc. becomes a USDA Licensed animal refuge more

    Forever Safe Farm Animal Education Center, Inc. becomes a 501(c)(3) Certified <em>Not-for-Profit</em> organization 16 November, 2010

    Forever Safe Farm Animal Education Center, Inc. becomes a 501(c)(3) Certified Not-for-Profit organization more

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    26 April, 2011

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  • Ever Been Close to a Live Camel?

    25 October, 2009

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