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  • We have exotic animals you can visit, touch, and learn more about in person ... There are also parrots, wallabies, raccoons, llamas, alpacas, and various other animal types on the farm to learn from and give attention to more...
  • Take the whole family out for a day of sun and fun with our interactive farm tour ... Perfect for all age groups, this interactive tour lets the kids get up close and personal with everything from Elk, to Deer, to Llamas! more...
  • The Forever Safe Farm is located at 3155 McCracken Rd, Salem, OH. 44460
Organization Structure

Organization Structure (1)

Karrin Campf - President and Sanctuary Director

Karrin's love of animals blossomed at an early age bringing any animal home that she could sneak past her parent's watchful eyes.  Cats, kittens, bunnies...lead to dogs and now camels and elk.  It was her good luck when she met Rob who had an equal passion for all animals, especially the "underdogs".  The two of them have proudly stood side by side for a quarter of a century...dedicated to the animals that mean so much.

Together they have adopted three children from other parts of the world and have enjoyed teaching their children about animals and educating them about their proper care.

Rob Campf - Vice President, Senior Animal Caregiver

Rob began his passion for animals at a very young age.  His first organized rescue began at the age of 13 when he began rescuing great danes.  In his early adulthood it migrated to the plight of the pit bull.  He has headed up efforts to place over 40 pit bulls in excellent, non-fighting and loving homes.  This animal lover met his wife, Karrin and was happy to find out that she too was passionate about animal rights and rescue of all kinds of animals.  Today Rob's favorite camel reminds him every day why these efforts must continue.

Karen Biscella - Secretary/Treasurer

Karen Biscella has always had a love for animals ever since she won her first pet, a white rabbit, at an Easter egg hunt at age 5.    That love for animals turned to alpacas in 2005 when she purchased her first alpacas.  Karen and her husband are now the proud owners of Victoria Lane Alpacas, LLC and their herd has grown to 20 alpacas.  Karen enjoys showing alpacas and just recently became a Certified Sorting Apprentice.

Karen's background includes undergraduate degrees in Physical Education and Human Resources along with a Masters Degree in Human Resources Management from LaRoche College in 2006.

Trish Long - Board Member

Trish began rescuing stray animals as a child and has continued to rescuing, placing and adopting animals throughout her lifetime.  Her formal rescue experience includes work as Sander’s Wildlife Center, Second Chance for Animals, Hearts & Paws, the Northwest High School Animal Rescue Club, and happy Trails Farm. In 2010, Trish was the Stark County coordinator for Ohioans for Humane Farms, a signature gatherer for Ban Ohio Dog Auctions, and a participant in the HSUS rescue of 204 pit pulls from southern Ohio. She continues her work as a feeder at Happy Trails Farm, a sanctuary for rescued farm animals in Ravenna, Ohio.  Trish’s love and respect for all animals has resulted in her vegetarian lifestyle for the past 20 years.

Trish earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Elementary Education, Social and Emotional Behavioral Disorders, Learning Disabilities, Curriculum & Instruction, and School Counseling. For 23 years, she taught most grades from kindergarten through graduate school, including those with special needs and gifted cognition.  She spent 11 years as a high school counselor.  Through her work with children and her love of animals, she realized a natural connection that exists between the two: children seem to naturally love animals and animals need love. When children are taught the proper care and respect for animals, both the children and the animals benefit.

Dr. Susan Narbey, DVM - Board Member

Susan Narbey is a veterinarian with the Lisbon Veterinary Clinic in Lisbon, OH.  Her love of animals began at a young age on her family's dairy and crop farm in Carroll County, Ohio.  She worked on a research farm in New Zealand prior to beginning her career in veterinary studies.  She earned her degree in veterinary medicine from the Ohio State University in 2005.  Susan and her husband, Daniel, currently reside on a small farm with their beloved dogs, cats and cattle.

Susan cares deeply about animal welfare and ensuring animals do not needlessly suffer.  She supports this sanctuary for their commitment to offer animals the best life possible in their rehabilitation and their compassion for the ethical treatment of animals.

Raquel Ceballos - Board Member

Raquel Ceballos came to the United States in early 2000.  She attends Kent State University in pursuit of a degree in nursing.  Her love of animals was obvious within two months of arriving here as she rescued a starving dog from the streets of Youngstown, Ohio.  She has spent ten years working with Rob and Karrin Campf and helped with numerous rescues including 16 starved horses, and 140 dogs from one backyard breeder and pit bull rescues.

Her natural ability with animals has enabled her to bottle feed some young animals whom others weren't able to get to eat.  She currently helps on a daily basis to care for the animals of Forever Safe Farm.  Her personal dog is on wheels due to an injury that others would have chosen to put down rather than extend the level of care needed for her quality of life.   In her time off she enjoys western horseback riding and reading.

Erin Williams-Kerns - Board Member & Assistant Sanctuary Director

Erin Williams-Kerns from a very young age always talked about growing up to be an animal behaviorist. She spent her summers as a kid attending every educational course that Sea World offered. In 1999 she graduated from Kent State with a BA in Comparative Psychology or Animal Behavior. During her senior year at Kent she fulfilled an internship at the Akron Zoo where she completed a research project observing and charting the mating habits of a small population of Humboldt penguins.

Upon finishing her internship she was offered a full time position as a Zoo Keeper. While at the Akron Zoo Erin had the privilege of caring for over 400 different species of animals. In the fall of 2000 she landed a position at Sea World of Ohio as an Animal Care Specialist. Here she had the opportunity to care for and train Seals, Sea Lions, and Bottle-nose Dolphins.

Shortly after the park closed in 2003 she discovered alpacas and began an adventure of breeding and raising the rare and wonderful breed of Suri Alpacas. Erin currently operates AJ’s Alpaca Ranch, which is home to about 40 alpacas, 3 llamas, 2 Great Pyrenees guard dogs, a Chocolate Lab, 5 cats, and a bunny.

Nancy L. Jazwa - Board Member

Nancy had a love of animals and nature as far back as she remembers, beginning at a very young age bringing home any homeless or stray animals and always bringing home for the summer the class guinea pig or rabbit.  

Favorite childhood readings were all the Walter Farley “Black Stallion” series and any book with animals.  As an adult Nancy’s choice of Sea Biscuit, Secretariat and Horse Whisperer and currently Unbroken were her choices for her Book Club.

Nancy has hand raised 3 hawks that were trained and returned to nature as well as “Mike” a pet crow.

From the mid 1960’s until 2000 Nancy’s hobby was breeding and showing dogs at The American Kennel Club sanctioned shows, beginning with Airedales, then over 20 years of showing Afghan Hounds and last show dog was a Borzoi.

Today this love of animals continues with helping with Greyhound rescue and finding forever homes for these gentle creatures.

  • FSF Documentation

    Forever Safe Farm Animal Education Center, Inc. becomes a USDA Licensed animal refuge 02 June, 2010

    Forever Safe Farm Animal Education Center, Inc. becomes a USDA Licensed animal refuge more

    Forever Safe Farm Animal Education Center, Inc. becomes a 501(c)(3) Certified <em>Not-for-Profit</em> organization 16 November, 2010

    Forever Safe Farm Animal Education Center, Inc. becomes a 501(c)(3) Certified Not-for-Profit organization more

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